About Us

dog rescue family picture. Thank you, AZ Shih Tzu & Small Breed Rescue

Our Family

Its just the 4 of us -- 2 moms and 2 pups. Fitzi (on left with the tall mom) and Daisy (on the right with the short mom). This was the day Fitzi joined our family and he rescued us  We wouldn't change it for anything in the world!


Our Story

Our mom, Nancy is a quiet, creative, soulful genius. She is the CEO.

Stacey, our other mom is a fun yet crazy-techie-gadget-girl. She is the VP.  

Daisy, our sweet, cuddly smart maltipoo is our Creative Director. 

Fitzi, our resilient maltese-terrier rescue is highly protective of us all.  He has dual responsibilities and manages our Quality Control and our Security. 

Last year Nancy lost her corporate job after 25 years. She knew she couldn't go back to the corporate world so our moms started brainstorming. They are passionate about dogs, the beach (mostly Maui),  jewelry, and all things "zenful". After brainstorming they came up with "2Moms4Paws".  Nancy designing  jewelry, Stacey managing the techie side, and giving back to their favorite dog rescues. What could be better? In our opinion: Nothing. So find a pretty cool piece of jewelry for yourself and help our Dog Rescue friends with a purchase from our 4 Paws Collection.

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